TAPEs (4€ / 5$ each if not specified)

Abigail / Nocturnal Hell “split” (1)

Aboriorth “The austere perpetuity of nothingness” black metal (3)

Abhorrot / Black Feast / Unholy Crucifix / Usurpateur "Abominations of darkness" 4 way split, fucking mandatory for maniacs into the most dark and raw death black underground bestiality! (3)
Ampütator  "Intolerant Profanatory Domination" Southamerican version of the 2nd demo. Barbaric war black metal madness. Comes with a different
bonus track than our european version. Fucking cool pro tape. This is for true maniacs. (5) 6€
Ampütator “Deathcult Barbaric Hell” apocalyptic war metal aggression, great! Pro cover. (3)

Amputator / Devastator “split” total devastation (1)

Armatus “Armee der schwarzen stiefel” black metal (1)

Asthenie “Absolu matricide” (1)

Battlestorm / Damned Eternal “split” good war black metal in Impiety veins (1)

Battlestorm “Violating angels” (1)

Bestial Molestor “The malefic vomit of Satan” death thrash (1)

Bestialized “Annihilating the judeo-christian generation” (1)

Bestial Summoning “Sodomistic rituals” (1)

Black Horns / Sanctophoby “split” (2)

Blasphemator “demo 1” (3)

Blasphemous Attack “my dreams of war” southamerican war deaththrash (1)
Blaspherit "Fallen Oath of Black Doom" insane tribute to Blasphemy and Beherit. (4)
Blood of Seklusion "Flogging deathstorm of pain" devastating grind death assault from Italy. great band. suggested. pro tape (3) 5€

Blut “Plagues” great doom drone from UK (1)
Bomber "s/t" thrash and roll from Chile! (1)
Bosque / Lord of the Abyss "split" good doom drone (3)

Dead Christ Cult “Stigma” black metal (1)

Deathly Scythe “Will of death” (2) old school death thrash

Demonomancy (Spa) “Holocaustic winds of devastation” bestial war death (1)

Diabolikal “Unholy re-edition” southamerican bestiality (2)

Dominous Ira “Ferocia animi” (2)

Eliminator / Fornication “Bomb raiding hell metal” split thrash black. (1)

For “Kundaz” pagan black metal from Sweden, good (1)
Goatfago vs Gorphyryac "GoatShark Abominator" insane black death madness (4)

Goatoimpurity “Triumph of Darkness” bestial black death (2)

Goatoimpurity “Impious rehearsal” bestial death black (3)

Goat Torment “Death worship” obscure death metal (1)
Genokeit "AHTF" war death black from Denmark, ultra limited. (1)

Hecatomb “As the ash feeds” (1)

Hex “Cursed Chalice” raw black metal (1)

Hinterlands “S/T” doom death (2)

Iconic Destruction / Sabbah “split” (1)

Lebbra “S/T” raw lo fi black metal (2)
Ligfaerd "Med Dod For Oje" danish black metal sickness (2)

Lord of the Abyss “S/T” funeral doom (3)

Luciferian Rites “Reh 2009” (1)
Korgull the Exterminator / Morbid Yell “Split” great thrash death (2)
Korpblod "Hymner" heathen black metal from Sweden. Great epic pagan stuff. (1)

Morbid Yell “Relics of the Morbid” demo collection, thrash death (4)

Murmurs “As Malkuth Burns” heathen black metal from Sweden (1)

Natur “S/T” raw Black metal (1)

Necromutilator “The devil arisen” old school thrash death in the veins of Hellhammer and Nunslaughter, great (1)

Negro Altar “Goat ritual” (1)
Nekroholocaust "In Memories of Fire" great devastating death metal! pro tape (1) 6€
Nihil Domination "Sado Perverser Goat Insulter" new album for this barbaric band from Ecuador. Bestial black death in the veins of Blasphemy, Sarcofago and Von. Great stuff, a must. (2)
Nihil Domination "Bestial Alcoholnihilation rehearsal" bestial devastating death metal! (1)
Nihil Domination / Abominablood "Two satanic conspirations" bestial black death desecrations. (4)
No pleasure in life "Happiness is not an option" dark depressive black metal, original package. (1) 5€

Noxious Nex “Sola dosis facit venenum” noise death bestiality (2)

Ominosity “Altar of the black sun” death metal (2)

Orthanc “Aurora post gelu” (2)
Progetto Chaos Goat 666 “Cosmic eraser…” noisy industrial black metal with some Impaled Nazarene touch. (1)

Permixtio “Il canto dei sepolcri” Italian traditional black metal (1)
Purification Kommando "Nuklear Ritual" great danish war death metal! (1)  

Regressive / Gatekrashor “graveyard assault” death thrash (2)

Rigurgithrone / Inverno “split” raw black metal cult (2)
Seges Findere "Machine ov Jewicide" ns black death from Brazil. (1)

Sex Blasphemy / Sanctophoby “split” (1)

Sorcery “Master of the chains” death metal (1)

Shadows Ground “Black Dead Winds” (2)

Sick Rites “Praise the dawn of desecration” black metal (1)

Stake of God / Vultur “split” raw black metal / great occult black metal (1)
Sturmgeweher 666 "My honour is fidelity" great death metal in the veins of Deicide. (1)

Terrorazor “Ask the dead” nihilistic death (4)

Temple Abbatoir “Nechronicles” (1)

Todestrieb “Ordo Draconis” (1)

Via Dolorosa / Seges Findere “split” ns black metal (1)

Victimized / Xanadoo “split” good thrash metal (1)
Vomikaust "Punishment of Existence" d-beat raw black metal. recomended (1)

Wan “Wolves of the North” black metal (2)

War Generation 666 “S/T” war thrash death (1)

War Master “demo 2009” classical death metal (1)
Wargoatcult / Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle "Bestial Supremacy" split tape nuclear war black metal/ black metal of war. Pro tape. (4) 6€

Wolok “Caput Mortuum” death metal (2) 

Yperite / Charogne “split” black metal (2) 


CD-R & CDs (5€ / 6$ cd-r,  10€ / 11$ albums each if not specified)

Absurd "Facta Loquuntur" final version of this album. (1) 
Abigail / Mantak "The eastern desekratorz" collection of raw tracks for these cult asian hordes. (1)
Abigail / Ironfist / Deiphago "Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters" rehearsals from all bands. Good. (1)
Acherontas "15 years anniversary of left hand path esoterica" excellent hellenic black metal the classical way, with an occult touch. double cd (1) 15€
Ad Hominem "Dictator - a monument of glory" industrial black metal (1)
A.M.S.G. "The Principle of Evil becomes the Ideal of the Promethean" Ritualistic melodic satanic black metal from Canada, great stuff coming from ex members of Ouroboros. (1)
Amputator "Intolerance Deathsquads" bestial black metal, raw and killer as always. (1)
Angel of Damnation  "Carnal Philosophy" doom metal (2)
Annthennath "Paeans of Apostasy" french fast black metal. great stuff with strong recording. (1)
Antagonized "Intense Perversion" old school death metal in the veins of Malevolent Creation. (1)
Antacid "Atomic thrashing acid" demos collection for these old school maniacs. (1)
Antediluvian "Watchers Reign" demo collection, ritual obscure death doom metal. great. (2)
Apocalypse Command "Abyss Fiend of Darkness" demo 2006 from the solo project of Gene, former Angelcorpse. Great bestial death metal. pro CD version. (1)
Apolion "Death Grows Into Sperm" grim and cold black metal in the veins of Darkthrone, Shining. (3)
Ares Kingdom "Return to Dust" amazing original black / thrash band, born from the ashes of Order From Chaos. (1)
Argentum / Sigvegr "split" traditional dark ambient. (1)
Ars Goetia / Old Bones "Ancient sorceries and old relics" black metal in the old veins. (1)
Arphaxat "Loudun la maudite" french black metal (1)
Assault "Veneno de Sathanas" death thrash ripping metal. (1)
Atomic Curse "Mortal Dawn of Lust" old school thrash metal from South America. (1)
Atomicide "Rawsouthamericanwarmetal" demo collection for this devastating raw death thrash band. (2)
Austere "Withering Illusions and Desolation" cold black metal (1) 
Bastardator "2006.2009" collection, classical thrash metal (1)
Battlestorm "Demonic Incursion" war black metal from Singapore. In the veins of Impiety and Surrender of Divinity. good. (1)
Begrime Exemious "Impending Funeral of Man" war thrash death from Canada. Good. (2)
Bestial Mockery "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw" crazy swedish black thrash maniacs. (1)
Bilskirnir "In Flames of Purifiation/Totenheer" great heathen black metal for fans of Graveland, Burzum, Hate Forest (1)
Black Torment "Bloody Signs of Devastation" devastating death thrash in the veins of Sarcofago and Holocausto. (4)
Black Vomit The Faithful Servant" southamerican black death (1)
Blood of the Moon "Demo II" heathen black metal from New Zealand. Import. (1)
Blood Red Fog/Funerary Bell "Split" cold black metal (2)
Blodfest / Wolfslair "I kamp til doden" obscure bonecrushing black/death armageddon! (1)
Bloody Sign "Chaos Echoes" occult black metal, complex and original. Great. (1)

Blut “Ritual and Ceremony” amazing doom drone from UK (4)
Bosque "Passage" doom drone darkness, good (2)
Brenvoliznepr / Witchbrew "Animal Sacrifice" both italian projects play raw d-beat black thrash inspired by Celtic Frost, Darkthrone and Venom. Great stuff. (1)
Chaos Invocation "In Bloodline with the Snake" religious black metal devastation (2)
Christicide "S/T" great black metal with a classic norvegian touch (2)
Carpathian Forest"We are going to hell for this" collection of various songs, norwegian black metal. pre-owned. 6€
Creative Waste  "Cruelty Beyond Conception" grind from Saudi Arabia. (1)
Cultes des Ghoules "Haxan" polish occult black metal (2)
Crucified Mortals "S/T" death metal (3)
Dark Morbid Death "Satanic Kills" acid lo fi black metal from USA. For fans of Beherit and raw stuff. (2)
Death Skull "Annihilation of the Pig" barbaric raw death metal! (3)
Deathgate Arkanum "Stillhallen" german black metal tyrants. (2)
Deiphago "Filipino Antichrist" bestial nosiy black metal destruction! Great. (1)
Denouncement Pyre "World Cremation" occult black metal mixed with some thrash elements. a mix between Watain and Destroyer 666. Good. (2)
Der Sturmer "Trascendental Racial Idealism" their new album, great hellenic black metal. (1)
Dethroned Christ "Roots of Ancient Evil" evil thrash black in the old vein, for lovers of Bathory, Venom, Poison. (1).
Devastator "Nocturnal Slut" extreme black thrash desecration. (1)
Dolomia "Antigas" skinhead rac militia from Northern Italy. (1)
Drowning The Light "Catacombs of Blood" classical black metal desecration (2)
Drunken Bastards "Horns of the Wasted" thrash punk assault, strong and fast. Includes extra cd. (1)
Embrace of Thorns "Atonement Ritual" ritualistic bestial death metal, great. (1)
Ereshkigal "Ten years of blasphemy" collection, black metal (1)
Essenz "Kviitiivz - Beschworung des unaussprechlichen" original death doom from Germany, with some black metal. (3)
Extirpation "Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis" brutal war metal with death metal influences from an ex member of Demonomancy. (1)
Evil Incarnate "Blackest Hymns of God's Disgrace" antichristian death metal. (2)
Festival of Mutilation "Gods of Inernal Desolation" death metal (2)
Finnentum / Eternum "Oath of Defiance" old school heathen black metal, good. (2)
Flame "March into firelands" finnish black metal in the veins of Impiety and Destroyer 666. (1)
Fleshgrind "Destined for defilement" obscure brutal grind. pre-owned. (1) 8€
Fyrdung "Hyperborea" heathen black metal in Dissection style (2)
Godless "Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras..." obscure death metal, for fans of Autopsy, Fleshcrawl. (2)
Gravewurm "Funeral Empire" american death doom (1)
Grenade "The Howling Damned" australian death thrash (1)
Hammergoat "Regeneration through depopulation" bestial war metal from members of Evil and Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle. Obscure, putrid and filthy. Good. (1)
Heathen Lifecode / Wargoatcult "Blasphemization Through Intolerance" hammering war death metal / nuclear black metal. (1)
Helcaraxe "No god to save you" pagan death metal from USA, good stuff. mcd (1)
Hellscourge "Hell's Wrath Battalion" great black thrash in the veins of Hellhammer, Venom, Bathory. (2)
Hekseri "S/T" great death thrash from USA for worshippers of Order From Chaos, Bathory and Possessed. (2)
Horned Almighty "Contaminating the Divine" great black n roll maniacs. new album. (2)
Infernal Execrator / Imperial Tyrant "MCBL heathen blood cult" fast crushing black metal in the veins of Impiety and Destroyer 666, good. (1)
Luciation "Infernalistic flames of luciftias" danish black metal, occult and obscure. (1)
Lucera "Blackzuco" raw thrash 'n' roll fueled with beer and cocaine. For fans of Motorhead, Bathory and Venom. (1)
Judas Priest “Nostradamus” double cd, sinfonic mystical heavy metal, not in the classical vein. Strange. (1)
Karnarium "S/T" obscure swedish death metal. (1)
Kawir "To Uranus" excellent folk black metal from Hellas (1)
Kill "Horned Holocaust" swedish black metal veterans. (1) 
Kommandant "Kontakt" new mcd from this war black metal band, for fans of Destroyer 666 and Marduk. Import. (4)
Kommandant "Stormlegion" first album from this american martial black metal combo. Great war metal. (1)


Korihor / Maniak "From death... rising!" thrash black metal from Philippines. (1)
Kratherion  "Necrouroboros XXXIII" brutal black death from South America, really good. (2)
Kriegshetzer "Panzer vorwarts" war black metal (4)
Kratornas "The corroding age of wounds" holocaustic extreme black metal. (3)
Svartthron "Kraujo Estetika" sucide black metal, cold and dark. (1)
Lord of Doubts "S/T" slow heavy occult doom sludge, great album. (1)
Male Misandria "E.din" ultra fast fucking slashing grind black from Italy, really good! (2)
Malveillance “Just fuck off” d-beat black metal, in the veins of Akitsa, Ildjarn and Bone Awl. Great! (1)
Malveillance "L'appel du neant / Le froid du Nord" excellent raw dbeat black metal, with many Ramones covers. (1)
Malvento "Oscuro Esperimento Contro Natura" experimental black metal, mid tempo bm meets ambient and industrial parts. Strange but good. (2)
Maniak “Black thrashing genocide” thrashing fucking christians! Good blackened thrash metal. (1)
Mantak "666" minicd, fast war black metal madness. (1) 8€
Mantak "Polymorphous Perversion" iper distorted war black metal aggression. (1)
Mantak "Diabolical Psycholust" new album from these war black metal barbarians. (2)
Mephiztophel "For my your blood for satan your soul" south american black metal in the veins of Profanatica, Darkthrone, Beherit. Good. (1)
Menegroth "Gazourmah" futurist black metal (3)
Monarque / Neige E Noirceur "Cantus Maleficus" cold black metal (1)
Morbid Goat Fornicator "Nuclear vaticano" bloody black death metal from Chile, the old chaotic way! (1)
Necrovomit / In League with Satan "Nekro Alkoholik Abominations With Satan" black/death putrescence / savage death thrash, good split. (1) 12€ / 13$
Nenavist "Inhuman" obscure black metal (2)
Nihil Domination "Sudamerican worship to Sathanas" fast black death in the veins of Sarcofago, Blasphemy, Deicide. Good. (1)
Nocturnal Blood "Devastated Graves - The Morbid celebration" 8 tracks of obscure deep death metal sacrifice. (3)
Nuclearhammer "Obliteration Ritual" Canadian destructive war death metal! (1)
Nunslaughter "Hex" classical death metal attack, great album. (1)
Nuclear Aggressor "Human Pulverizer" old school thrash metal from Italy, for fans of Kreator and Sodom. (1) 6€
Ouroboros "Spear of Destiny" great canadian holocaustik war metal in the veins of Conqueror, Beherit. (1)
Paganfire "Tasteless Revenge" collection of eps and demo from this old school thrash band. (1)
Paria "Unchain the unclean" new album from this savage bloody black metal band from Germany. (1)
Permixtio "Il canto dei sepolcri" cold raw black metal in the veins of Satanic Warmaster, Judas Iscariot. (1)
Piara Posesa "Hagase la oscuridad" d-beat black thrash (2)
Profanatica "Disgusting Blasphemies Against God" black metal cult (3)
Profanatica "Profanatitas De Domonatia" (3)
Purgatory "Bestial" old school death metal aggression. (1)
Putrified "Spawn of the dead" horrific death metal (2)
Reaktor 4 "S/T" martial industrial black metal, good (2)
Ravencult "Morbid Blood" extreme death black, an assault of dark and morbid devastation. (1)
Ravendark's monarchal canticle "Sob a bandeira do odio..." militant black metal, cult band. (1)
Raw Hatred / Misanthropy “split” raw filth black metal, noisy and chaotic, pro cover (1)
Raza De Odio "La nueva alarma" thrash core in the veins of late Sepultura. With Peso of Necrodeath on drums. (1) 5€
Ruins "Satanic Bitchpenetration" Cool blackened thrash metal, raw and evil. (1)
Sabbat "Sabbatical Visionslaught" double cd, live dvd. (3) 15€
Sabbat / Metalucifer "Bolivian Demonslaught" double cd release for these cult acts from Japan. Great package (1) 15€
Sadiztik Impaler "Sadiztik syonan-to supremacy" great war black metal in the veins of Impiety and Destroyer 666, suggested. (1)
Satanic Funeral “Night of the goat” satanic black death in the veins of Beherit and Von. (1)
Seges Findere / Doomsday Cult "Warmongers of the doomsday cult" extreme bestial black death metal from both bands. Good split. (2)
Seges Findere "Massacre Supremacista..." bestial ns black death metal from Brazil, in the veins of Profanatica, Sarcofago and Beherit. (1)
Seges Findere "Proclamation of blood vengeance" raw ns war black metal, in the veins of south american old acts. (3)
Sentimen Beltza "Bizitza Osoau Zehar Sortu..." cold depressive black metal (4)
Sermon of Foulness “The Jericho Drifter” old school mid tempo Black with some Doom influence, great. (1)
Serpent Noir "Sanguis XI" ritualistic occult black metal. (1)
Shackles "Traitor's Gate" fast thrash metal assault, great band. (1)
Shub Niggurath "Horror Creatures" demo collection, cult mexican death metal. (1)
Sidus Tenebrarum "Born from the dark rib" fast black metal from Italy, good release. (1)
Sinisterite "...the unclean days" raw death black metal reminding Hellhammer and old Darkthrone, good (3)
Slaughtered Priest "World Wide War" Necro thrash from Greece, in the veins of Bathory, Possessed, Destruction. (2)
Slugathor "Reviled, Defamed and Spat upon" demo collection from this old school death metal band. (1)
Sodom"Satans Conjuration" demo collection, raw and brutal. (2)
Spearhead "Decrowning the Irenarch" excellent War Death Metal in the veins of Morbid Angel and Angelcorpse. (1)
Spear of Longinus "Domni Satnasi" official cd reprint, great thrash black. (5)
Syklisk Nedgang "Purification Through The Fall" cold furious black metal (2)
Stato Asociale "Grezzo, stupido e cattivo" raw oi! rac from Northern Italy. (3)
Still Burnin' Youth "Nshc is not music it's a family" fast fascist hatecore from Italy. (1)
Stolthet "Intoleranz" Fucking raw and cold Black Metal with some punkish influences. (2)
Sturmgewehr 666 "Challenging Crossreich Cowards" bone crushing death metal for fans of Deicide and Incantation. Good. (3)
Supplicium "Magna Nira Missa" black death in the veins of Watain, good (2)
Surrender of Divinity "Oriental Hell Rhythmics" bestial war black metal. A classic. (2)
Swamp "Nuclear Death" death metal destruction. (3)
Sworn "Impious beast within" swedish obscure death metal. great. (3) 8€
The Royal Arch Blaspheme "S/T" blasphemous black metal desecration, members of Krieg and Profanatica. (2)
Thou Shalt Suffer "Into the woods of Belial" melodic occult ferocious black metal (1)
Todesweihe "Necronomicon Ex Mortis" old school black metal rawness, good (3)
Toil “Lullabies for insects” ambient black metal, cold with some noisy parts. Strange stuff. (1)
Unholy Lust "Taste the sin through the fire" bestial black thrash from South America, in the veins of Destroyer 666 and Bestial Warlust. great stuff. (1)
Ungod "Circle of the seven infernal pacts" old school german black metal tyrants! (1)
Ungod "Conquering What Once Was Ours" old school german black metal masters. (1)
Various Artists “Sacrifice at the altar of the satanic blood angel. A tribute to VON” A fucking crazy release with 24 bands! (1)
Veldraveth "Temples of the black flame" bestial black metal assault, in the veins of Impiety and Marduk. (1)
Vociferian "Glorificia bestialis" strange black metal from France. (1)
Vogelsang "Aus den Trummern empor" heathen black metal, slim case (1) 6€
Volkermord “Ancient fascists return” acid noisy NS BM from UK, chaotic stuff. Great. (1)
Volkermord / Burning Blood "Death Cult of the Totenkopf" noisy d-beat black metal filth. (2)
Vomitor "Devil's poison" new album from this maniac thrash death band! great raw stuff. (2)
Wargoatcult / Chainsaw Carnage "War & Carnage" bestial death black desecration! (3)
Wargoatcult / Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle  "Bestial Supremacy" cd version of the tape. Bestial assault. (1)
War Plague “The necro continuum” crazy and chaotic thrashing war black metal with drum machine and fucked up vocals. For maniacs only. (1)
Warriors of Southern Lands vol. 1 compilation containing 12 bands from South America (1)
Watain "Sworn to the Dark" swedish occult black metal. (1)
Witchrist "Beheaded Ouroboros" first album of occult obscure death metal. Fro fans of early Incantation. A must. (1)
Wolfslair "Ateulv" Pagan death metal destruction. mcd (1) 8€
Wolfthorn "Towards Ipsissimus" german black metal (3)
Wolfsmond "Des dusterwaldes reigen" german black metal (2) 

VYNIL 7" = 6€; Lp = 15€

Abhorrot "Rites of Prehistoric Darkness" obscure ritualistic death metal, great! (3)
Allfather "Weapon of ascension" killer war metal from Canada, mixing Angelcorpse, Bestial Warlust and Axis of Advance in an unique, epic and powerful style. Vynil version of the album includes one bonus track. A must. (1) 10€ / 11$
Corpus Mortale "Seize the moment of murder" old school death metal from Denmark (1) 6€
Plaguebearer "Rise of the Goat" satanic death metal from USA (1) 6€
Encoffination "Seventh Temple of Laodicean Scripture" obscure death doom devastation (1) 6€
Infinitum Obscure "Obscuridad Eterna" occult death metal in the veins of Dissection. (2) 6€
Infernal Conjuration "Auto de fe"deathrash in the south american way, good (2) 6€
Sposa in alto mare / Deprogrammazione grind crust (1) 6€
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium "Retrofornicator" holocaust black death (1) 6€
Slaughtbbath "Total Warlust" bestial deathrash in the veins of Sarcofago and Bestial Warlust, great. (1) 6€
Funeral Whore / Profanal "Two Morbid Ways to Die" old school death metal. (2) 6€
Mantak "Amput Rogol e Sodomi" bestial black metal from Malaysia. 7" Pic disc. (1) 6€ / 7$
Catacumba / Grave Desecrator "Tombs on fire" 7" primitive black death assaults from Brazil! (1) 6€ / 7$
Sturmtiger "Tank Attack" war black metal from Denmark. 7" (1) 6€ / 7$
Pek "Destruction of Holy..." 7" obscure old school death metal. (2) 8€
Unctoris "Wrapped" funeral black metal from Italy, new EP coming with great packaging, includes CD and 7" in one release. For fans of old Mayhem, Beherit, Mortuary Drape. (2) 10€  
Unholy Archangel "Obsessed by War" cult bestial Black death from Hellas in the veins of Sarcofago and Blasphemy. great. (1)
Morbosidad / Sadomator "Rites of Desecration" 7" bestial black death desecration. (3) 8€
Chaosbaphomet / Wargoat / Embrace of Thorns / Bethor "Feast of the diabolical" barbaric greek assault. Death Black darkness eternal! Mandatory. (3)
Godslaying Hellblast / Necroholocaust "Bestial Laceration of Angelcunts" split 7", bestial desecration! (1)
Malaria "Blood Mercenaries" 7" war grind holocaust from Canada, members of Nuclear Hammer! Great!!! (3) 8€
Sadomator "Goatblood Panspermia" LP their new album, insane death black barbarians. (1) 12€
 Thorns of Hate "Heretical Dawn of Apocalypse" 7", excellent thailand war metal. (3)
Necroholocaust / Baphomet's Horns "Fuck Norawy" 7" bestial black death-thrash death desecration (1)
Vomitchapel "Damnatio ad bestias" great black death filth, for fans of Archgoat, Von, Beherit. (3) LP 15€
Luciation "Manifestation in unholy blackness" destructive black metal from Denmark. (3) LP 15€



T-shirt 15€

Absurd red logo t-shirt L, 10€

Sturmtiger logo t-shirt, size L

Nuclearhammer official double sided t-shirt with red print, size S - M  12€

Doomhammer "Lion Skulls" white shirt with black print on front with logo, lion skulls and song title. S-M 10€


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